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The Jimmy Dore Show

Hosted by award winning comedian Jimmy Dore, This is an irreverent and humorous take on todays headlines and hypocrites. This program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which are todays main stream "news media". Interviews with todays top comedians and comedy writers, and gets their take on all things newsy. It is a show that provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

Mar 26, 2016

Rick Perry, Vince Vaughan, & Liam Neeson Call In!

Arizona voting lines were 5 hours long, and the person in charge of the elections blames the people who showed up to vote. Not kidding.

Dan Rather shows us just how dementia looks while he's talking about Trumps Good Natured Heart. Again, not kidding .

Chris Matthews...

Mar 19, 2016

PBS profiles Trump voters and ignores that they are white power racists. Not Kidding. 

Obama has learned nothing: He PRE-COMPROMISED & nominated a centrist, REPUBLICANS REJECT HIM ANYWAY A USUAL. 

Congressman Peter King and HERMAN CAIN cal in.


With Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Hank Thompson

Mar 12, 2016

Mitt Romney calls into to talk about the failure of his anti-Trump Speech.

Tom Brokaw reveals his cowardly brand of journalism with a heartwarming story of sucking up to Nancy Reagan. 

Bill Oreilley had a court take his kids away, and he calls in drunk to embarrass himself. 

Howard Dean used to be a progressive...

Mar 5, 2016

As predicted, The Mainstream News Media got Super Tuesday completely wrong, JEB! calls in to tell us what he's been doing since he dropped out of the race. 

Reince Priebus is ain a dark place and we ask him what his plans for the party are. 

Jim Earl read another Fake Obituary of a Real Dead Person

with Mike MacRae...