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The Jimmy Dore Show

Hosted by award winning comedian Jimmy Dore, This is an irreverent and humorous take on todays headlines and hypocrites. This program skewers politicians as well as the corporate mouthpieces which are todays main stream "news media". Interviews with todays top comedians and comedy writers, and gets their take on all things newsy. It is a show that provides the unvarnished truth with a twist of funny.

Sep 29, 2012

Tom Brokaw and Luke Russert call in and crack us up, Republicans make up fake polls about Romney to feel better, Mitt ROmney reveals  the real reason republicans hate teachers, plus more! With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosendfield, Stef Zamorano

Sep 22, 2012

MItt Romney sits in for the full hour, and we go thorugh the hidden video of him pissing on half the country, plus Bill Orielley calls in, and lots more. With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Stee Rosenfield, Stef 

Sep 14, 2012

Mitt Romney on the phone for entire show, Barack Obama calls to defend restriting liberties after a terror attack, Chicago Public school teachers on stirke and Democrats get it all wrong, plus lots more. WIth Frank Conniff Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield Robert Yasumura, Stef Zamorano

Sep 7, 2012

Review of the DNC, Solodad Obrien takes down a teabagger, Mitt Romney is on the phone for the first half hour and Tom Brokaw and Bill Orielley in the second half. With Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield and Stef Zamaorano